Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup

Why this cup?

The Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup is divided over 6 large events with 2 races each, driven at the Dutch circuits of Zandvoort and Assen as well as the Belgian circuits of Zolder and Spa-Francorchamps.

The cup has initially been organized for young race talent between the age of 15 to 25 however due to large demand another division for 25+ for more experienced drivers has been added. Most of the young division drivers have a go-kart career behind them unlike me. The experienced drivers include TCR, supercar challenge, formula 4 and formula Ford drivers.

The Car and Cup

 - 1.0 liter Ecoboost 3 cylinder

 - ca 150hp

 - 1120 kg race trim

 - AIM Data logging

 - Intrax Suspension

 - Hankook Slicks and Rain tires

 - 12 races - 6 events

 - 30 min per race

 - ca 50 entries for 2019


More information about the cup Click Here

The Team

Cor Euser (Racing) with 38 years of experience and 20 championships to his name will be providing technical and mental support, to make me a professional driver.

The Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup proved to be a very successful cup in the first year of its existence. The races were held at large and well-known racing events such as the Jumbo Racing days and Gamma racing days where +100.000 visitors showed up to watch. This new racing class with its large starting field, lots of spectacles is covered by multiple media sources. Each event is extensively followed on National Dutch and Belgian Television. RTL7 broadcasts a 30 minute summary of each race weekend with interviews, onboard footage and more. Each following two weeks after the event and a rebroadcast the week after and at the end of the year a 60-minute highlight. Each of these broadcasts is also uploaded to youtube.

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Made by: Daan Pijl

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