About​ me

Ever since I was a kid I loved everything with wheels and a steering wheel. When I was three I would go to my dad's car with my grandmother and stand on the driver's seat for hours pretending I was driving. I wanted to do nothing other than drive cars and as soon as I could see over the dashboard, I did. When I was 5 years old, I was on a TV show called  Praatjesmakers (start at 33 minutes) where I had to parallel park an Excalibur.


Daan Pijl

Resides in 





184 cm

Date of Birth

26 July, 2003





74 kg

Racing Licence

I was 13 when I contacted DF trackdays to participate in their 2-day racing course. I drove in a BMW M535i e12 which had technical issues, luckily we had a spare BMW. After passing my exam, examiners were amazed that I was only 13 and so made me the winner of the course. 

That weekend led to me obtaining my national racing license at youngest ever recorded age of 13.

To the left is a highlights video of me obtaining my racing licence 

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